The silent scream of women: Endometriosis

Endometriosis emerges as an important health problem that affects women’s lives in many ways and usually progresses silently. Obstetrician-Gynecologist Medical Dr. Cevahir Tekcan shared detailed information about the difficulties in the diagnostic stages of this disease and the treatment process.

Obstetrician-Gynecologist Medical Dr. Cevahir Tekcan states that endometriosis, which women frequently encounter but is often ignored, has become a dead end due to the diagnosis and treatment processes. Dr. Cevahir Tekcan shared what you need to know about the pain caused by endometriosis, its relationship with sexual intercourse, and effective treatment options.

“The diagnosis process can take years”

Medical Dr. Cevahir Tekcan said, “Endometriosis is a disease that brings with it a difficult process to diagnose and treat effectively. Many patients may have to struggle with unsolvable problems for a long time due to reasons such as not being able to relate the severe pain they experience to sexual intercourse or the diagnosis being inadequate. According to general research and doctor conclusions in the medical world, one in every 10 women of reproductive age has endometriosis, but it can take years to be diagnosed, and during this period, women may suffer from serious pain, their quality of life may be negatively affected, or they may not be able to have sexual intercourse.”

Endometriosis can cause pain during sexual intercourse!

Stating that endometriosis also significantly affects sexual health, Medical Dr. Cevahir Tekcan said, “Bleeding and inflammation of tissues outside the uterus can lead to a painful experience during sexual intercourse. This situation may cause patients to avoid sexual activity and therefore experience physical and psychological difficulties in their relationships. Understanding, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of this disease can significantly improve women’s quality of life. In addition, symptoms of the disease may not always be seen, and this may be the cause of half of all unexplained infertility cases.”

Endometriosis requires detailed examination!

Medical Dr. Cevahir Tekcan says that endometriosis is a disease that makes it difficult for many patients to cope with the pain they experience due to the complexity of the diagnosis and treatment process, “Ultrasonography is important in seeing chocolate cysts and enlargement of the tubes in endometriosis, which causes advanced adhesions. MRI can be used in necessary cases. Laparoscopic examination is the gold standard diagnostic method. Treatment methods for endometriosis generally include medication and surgery, and treatment approaches may vary depending on the patient’s specific condition and the problem it causes. When surgical treatment is planned, preventive surgical interventions may be preferred, especially considering that most patients are of reproductive age. Collaboration and information sharing between doctors, patients and society are of great importance in order to raise awareness about endometriosis, its early diagnosis and effective treatment options, and to offer patients a better quality of life.”



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