No more hitting shoes and blisters!

Developed by Turkey’s health brand Getwell, the Buster Plaster acts as a barrier between the shoe and the heel, making shoe hits a thing of the past. With its hydrocolloid tissue, the plaster prevents pain and blisters due to friction, while increasing the pleasure of new shoes.

With the passing of the winter months and the arrival of spring, the boots are getting ready to be replaced by more comfortable shoes. However, new shoes can cause knocks the first time they are worn, leaving the happiness of spring in the shade. Focusing on making life easier with its wide product range, Getwell Buster Plaster prevents the bumps and friction pains caused by new shoes. The plaster, which carries the pleasure of spring and new shoes even higher with its hydrocolloid texture, which reduces pressure and pain, also makes life easier for users.

About 3 days protection with strong adhesive
The plaster, which adapts to all skin types and adheres easily, protects the feet without any problem for about 3 days with its waterproof flexible structure and strong adhesive. The plaster, which does not require any preparation before the application, is easily adhered to the area. Getwell Buster Plaster, which contains 5 bands in a box, also stands out with its economical price. Getwell Buster Plaster, which can be purchased from Eveshop and Migros, is also available at Migros Virtual Market and istegelsin online supermarket.


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