Say goodbye to obesity with appetite suppression therapy

Say goodbye to obesity with appetite suppression therapy! Recent estimates shared by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that between 2020 and 2030, almost half a billion people will suffer from a disease caused by physical inactivity. In its report prepared in this context, WHO draws attention to the fact that one out of every four adults and 81% of adolescents worldwide do not do enough physical activity.

Dietitian Elif Nur Kılıç said, “Many people who want to protect their health and look beautiful want to lose their excess weight. They can resort to many methods, including surgery. As Myza Resonans, we suppress the person’s appetite with bioresonance therapy. Thus, patients lose weight quickly and healthily according to their appetite, digestion and metabolism.”

“We suppress the appetite with bioresonance sessions”
Stating that people can reduce their appetite with bioresonance application, Dietician Elif Nur Kılıç said, “Many patients are now looking for different methods to lose weight more easily and quickly. At this point, bioresonance becomes both a healthy and practical alternative. This application is carried out by external vibrations given to the body. It allows the body to interact and create a change in its energetic nature. With the application of bioresonance, we suppress the appetite of our clients, especially towards carbohydrates. Thus, we prevent their desire to break the diet.”

“We start the process by preparing a personalized program”
Dietician Elif Nur Kılıç, who stated that with the suppression of appetite, there is a reluctance towards harmful foods, conveyed the application stages of bioresonance with the following words: “In the first step, we conduct a preliminary interview for 15 to 30 minutes with our patients who want to lose weight. We make a detailed evaluation with our devices that measure body analysis and composition. Thus, we decide in how many sessions our client can reach the desired weight. Then we prepare a personalized diet list. The first session usually takes 45 minutes, the next sessions can take up to 60 minutes depending on the person’s appetite, digestion and metabolic rate.

“The rate of smoking cessation with bioresonance varies between 70 and 95%”
Emphasizing that bioresonance therapy is applied not only for weight loss, but also for smoking, alcohol, gambling addictions, painful diseases, psychological and allergic disorders, Myza Resonance Dietician Elif Nur Kılıç said, “We can apply bioresonance therapy for different addictions. With this therapy, we achieve 70-95% success in quitting smoking and around 90% in quitting alcohol. We are holding free support sessions for our clients who find it difficult to quit smoking.”

“It is very important that the person who will have the therapy be determined”
Emphasizing that bioresonance therapies cannot be applied to patients with epilepsy, pacemakers and pregnant women, Dietician Elif Nur Kılıç said, “Many factors must come together to achieve the desired result in this therapy method. It is very important that the person who will have bioresonance therapy be determined, that the bioresonance device is of high quality, that the therapy environment has suitable conditions and that the bioresonance practitioners are competent individuals. We use the Neoquitt device of German origin. With our 5 years of experience and our expert staff, we have sent off thousands of clients healthy and happy so far. Instead of going under the knife for obesity and drinking boxes of drugs to get rid of addictions, it is possible to reach the result without pain, gripe and side effects with bioresonance therapy.”


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