“The operative power of healthcare professionals”

Health law is a branch of law that deals with the rights of institutions serving in the field of health, the people who serve in this field, and the people who receive services.

“Doctors and patients have rights framed by law in the field of health. It is the name given to the set of legal rules that regulate these rights. Health law is a multidisciplinary field formed by the combination of health and law branches. It requires knowledge of both law and medicine.

Higher Health Law Association (Yüksek Sağlık Hukuku Derneği) handles complaints/cases in a more comprehensive manner from the perspective of Health Law, taking into account medical and legal rules, and clarifies the problems with pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to its staff of health law experts, doctors, healthcare workers and lawyers, it handles the events from a multi-faceted perspective, detects deficiencies or deficiencies and manages the process in a professional manner.

As an association, the most important point we want to emphasize here is that Health Law education is one of the biggest shortcomings of our country. This deficiency manifests itself in every aspect of the healthcare sector, from managers to all healthcare professionals. This education, which is not given enough space in medical and law faculties, actually confronts us with its harsh realities in daily life. Unfortunately, cases arising in this regard can result in very serious penalties. Because lawyers and doctors who do not have sufficient medical and legal technical knowledge are involved in cases, even cases that will not be punished or that may result in less punishment may result in serious compensation and prison sentences. Therefore, it is of great importance to evaluate the current situation with the integration of the functioning of the health field and the legal field with good consultancy and guidance. As the High Health Law Association, we have achieved this integration in our country and in this sense, we provide 24/7 medical and legal technical information support to our members. In addition, in order to make consultancy services more systematic within the association, 3 separate commissions were established with the lawyers of our association members under the headings of medical malpractice, violence in health, and health administration, and consultancy services were moved to a more professional platform. Another work we do as an association is to organize free seminars for physicians, healthcare professionals and lawyers in different provinces in order to increase awareness of Health Law.

All professional groups that touch the physical and spiritual integrity of a person, such as physicians, lawyers, midwives, nurses, EMT, paramedics, dietitians, pharmacists, psychologists, physiotherapists, health technicians, medical secretaries, veterinarians, beauty centers, can become members to our association.

The main purpose of our association, which set out with the slogans “WE ARE THE OPERATIVE POWER OF HEALTH WORKERS” and “OUR AIM IS TO RAISE”, is to make physicians and healthcare professionals feel that they are not alone in the lawsuit/complaint process and to provide support to them with a professional team consisting of doctors and lawyers who are experts in healthcare law.”

Remember, we are with you!

Dr. Büşra AYASUN

Health Law Expert

Member of the Board of Directors of the High Health Law Association


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