The right known wrongs in cervical disc hernia


Although neck pain, which is one of the most common health problems, is usually caused by posture problems, these pains may be because of more serious problems in some cases. Specialist Physiotherapist Altan Yalım from Therapy Sport Centre who says that every neck pain has different reasons, gave information about the wrongs that are known correctly about the hernia of the neck…

“In today’s technological life, due to the posture problems caused by both computers and mobile phones, neck pain is being triggered. Neck hernia is a completely independent subject and is a disease that is either due to a trauma. Or it is an emerging disease with unknown reasons. Generally, there are problems of hypo kinesis or muscle strength in the region stimulated by the affected nerve. And the severity of the accompanying pain is different at all.” He said.

False: Severe and any pain in the arm is the cause of the neck hernia.
Correct: The sensitive muscle structure of the neck, sleep problems, pillow or bed change, work intensity, psychological problems or other factors such as fibromyalgia can cause these pain as well.

False: In neck pain, advanced diagnosis methods should be applied immediately.
Correct: Advanced diagnosis methods are not used in neck pain without seeing these three criteria.

  1. a) Pain for at least 6 weeks,
  2. b) The intensity of pain remains or it progresses
  3. c) The presence of neurological findings such as weakness in the hand and tingling.

False: Neck brace (neck collar) is good to wear.
Correct: Although it may be effective in short-term use, long-term support given to the trunk muscles makes the muscles lazy. This leads to a loss of strength. This may lead to permanent pain at all.

False: With manipulation and mobilization, the hernia can be snapped into place.
Correct: A method to restore the hernia is still unknown. On the contrary, the use of these methods, except of the health professionals, may cause permanent health problems.

False: I do sports and I never have a hernia disorders.
Correct: Although the mechanisms of occurrence of hernias are less known, there is no common reason to explain them. Even uncontrolled weight and body movements can cause hernia. For this reason, it should be known that the first goal is to maintain our existing health while planning sports.

False: There is pain in my shoulder and neck, it is definitely because of hernia.
Correct: Some shoulder injuries cause pain in the neck muscles which causes pain. Should the problem be solved, the neck will also heal.

False: Every hernia should definitely need to have a surgery.
Correct: The rate of hernia patients to surgery is 3% in the world average. It is possible to get rid of complaints with appropriate physical therapy and exercise practices.



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