With the Invisalign system, orthodontic and restorative dental treatment planning

Align Technology, the global medical device company that designs and manufactures the Invisalign system, consisting of clear aligners, intraoral scanners and software for digital orthodontics and dentistry, announced Invisalign system innovations for the Align Digital Platform.


Align Digital Platform, which is a combination of special software, systems and services, provides a seamless experience and workflow that brings together and connects all users – doctors, laboratories, patients and consumers. These innovations will revolutionize digital treatment planning for orthodontics and dentistry, providing physicians with greater flexibility, consistency in treatment choices, real-time access to and modification of treatment plans. All these innovations are designed to improve the quality, efficiency, and scale of Invisalign treatment planning, contributing to better doctor-patient engagement and treatment outcomes. Invisalign system innovations announced include ClinCheck Live Update and Invisalign Personalized Plan (IPP) for 3D controls.

ClinCheck Live Update for 3D checks: Thanks to the new ClinCheck Live Update feature in ClinCheck Pro, which is used by orthodontists and dentists, doctors can edit their digital treatment plans in real time 24/7. Once doctors like the changes they make to a treatment plan in real time, they can immediately approve the Invisalign treatment plan, allowing the production of Invisalign clear aligners to begin.

Invisalign Personalized Plan (IPP): The Invisalign Personalized Plan (IPP) in ClinCheck Pro software allows doctors to automatically apply their clinical treatment preferences. IPP offers physicians uniquely personalized preferences and instructions built into their treatment planning. This improves both the quality of treatment planning and patient outcomes.


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