b-good launched its nebulizer family effective in the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract

By following developing treatment methods and innovations in the medical sector, b-good continues to provide comfort for users of all ages.


The product family, which has an important place in the treatment of respiratory diseases that increase in the autumn and winter months, converts the medicine in liquid form in the device into vapor form with compressed air. Thanks to the compressed air in the nebulizer, the liquid medicine is broken into particles and cold air is obtained, thus making the medicine breathable. The product, which is widely used in the treatment of asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases, has three different types:

Mesh Nebulizer: Rechargeable and easily portable, b-good Mesh Nebulizer is long-lasting and provides ease of use with a single button. It can be preferred for the whole family, with its adjustable structure having two different modes: child and adult.

Compressor Nebulizer: Compressor Nebulizer, which has a long-lasting mechanism, operates at low noise levels. There is a carrying bag for users.

Mini Compressor Nebulizer: It is long-lasting and operates at low noise levels. With its lightweight structure, it allows easy use wherever needed.


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