Grant and Support Programs Towards Turkish Industry

TUBITAK Supports

Industry R & D Support: The projects having the qualification of R & D are supported which are carried out in the subjects of the production of new products with R & D Support, and of the development of the new costcutting and quality standard raising techniques and the new production technologies.

R & D support covers up the phases from the concept development phase to the end of the trial production, in other words to the pre-production / pre commercialization phase. The personnel, the acquisitions of tools / equipment / software / publishing projects, the R & D activities which are made by the domestic R & D organizations, the procurement of consulting / service, the material costs, and the expenses of patent which are deemed to have R & D qualification can be supported for maximum three years on the basis of the project, up to the rates of 60%, and as non-refundable. The level of basic support is calculated based on the R & D intensity of the organization (the Ratio of the value of the R & D Operating Expenses in the detailed income of the organization to the statement of net sales).

EUREKA: It is a network structure which was created for encouraging the research and the development of the advanced technologies, the products, and the services which will increase the competitiveness of the companies, the universities, and the research institutions in the European countries in the world markets, and the creation and the execution of the international joint projects. All companies may apply to the EUREKA program regardless of their sizes and sectors. In order to start a EUREKA project, it is sufficient at least two participants of EUREKA member countries to come together.

EUREKA is a correct address for the companies, especially which want to open up foreign markets and which have the purpose of the transfer of technology leveraging the accumulation of the technological knowledge in Europe. 60% grant assistance is provided to the projects of the Turkish firms which participate in the EUREKA projects. The projects of the firms which participate in the EUREKA projects are supported with the highest rate of support within the  scope of TUBİTAK Industrial R & D Support. In addition to that, there is not any restriction in the period of support to the projects.

SME R & D Funding Program:It is intended with the SME R & D Funding Program that the first two projects be supported by TUBITAK, which are limited to YTL 400,000 budget and 18-month period, conducted by the SMEs in the areas of the production of a new product, the development and the improvement of an existing product, the upgrading of the quality or the standard of the product, or the development of the new techniques and the new production technologies which are cost effective, in order to ensure that the SMEs overcome their problems. It is aimed with the support of the projects to be provided under the program that the SMEs to be more competitive by developing their capacity of technology and innovation, to be able to carry out projects systematically, to be able to develop products which have a high added value, to have the institutional research and technology development culture, and to take place in the national and the international support programs more effectively.

Technopreneurship: Real persons may apply for the program who are the undergraduate students that are expected to graduate within one year from any undergraduate program of the universities providing formal education, and who are the graduate or the doctoral students, or who got one of the bachelor, the master’s or the doctorate degrees up to 5 years prior to the date of the pre-application. Under the program, it is envisaged that after the entrepreneurs found their companies, the expenses of personnel, materials, tools / equipment / software, travel, consulting, and the procurement of services, the rent of the office and the water, electricity, heating and communication costs of the office to be supported by TUBITAK at a ratio of 75%, and up to maximum YTL 100,000 and for a period of one year.

Contact Information for TUBITAK supports:
Address: Atatürk Bulvarı No: 221 06100 Kavaklıdere / Ankara
Tel: (312) 467 18 01
Fax: (312) 467 32 95
E-mail: [email protected]

Supports of the Turkish Technology Development Foundation

TTGV R & D Support: The Technology Development Foundation of Turkey, the TTGV, which was established in order to develop and strengthen the technological infrastructure of our country, and to contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of the Turkish industry in the international markets, provides long-term credits up to a maximum of 50% of the amount of the project, to the technology development projects carried out by the company, in a way that the know-how will stay in the company, within the concept of “the technological product and process innovation” conducted by the industry associations and the software companies,. To date, the TTGV provided support in the amount of 95 million U.S. dollars to a total of 240 technology development projects through Technology Development Projects Support.

Contact Information for TTGV supports:
Address: Cyberpark, Cyberplaza B
Blok Kat :5-6 06800 Bilkent / Ankara
Tel: (312) 265 02 72
Fax: (312) 265 02 62
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Address:

KOSGEB Supports
Various support programs havebeen developed by the Office of the Chief of the Small and Medium Sized Industry Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB). Related programs are listed below. Detailed information can be accessed via the mentioned links.
1. Consultancy Support,
2. Support for Entrepreneurship,
3. Education Support,
4. Technology Supports,
5. Industry and Property Incentives,
6. IT Support,
7. Quality Improvement Grants,
8. Market Research and Export Development Incentives,
9. Support for the Development of the International Cooperation,
10. Regional Development Supports.

The Supports Provided by the Export Promotion Studies Center (IGEME) Support for the Market Research and the Marketing: 4 different activities are within the scope of the support. In this context;

a) The market research projects carried out in relation to the products and / or the sectors of the companies and / or the SDSs,
b) The reports and the statistics of market research to be purchased from the institutions and / or the organizations which provide market research services, and which are approved by the Undersecretariat, for the purposes of creating marketing strategies and action plans towards foreign markets,
c) The participation in the sectoral trade delegation programs which are coordinated by the Undersecretariat, and performed on the basis of a single sector,
d) The costs of the membership to the e-commerce sites, which are approved by the Undersecretariat, and which are not oriented towards the final consumer, for the purposes of marketing their products in the electronic media towards the foreign markets are supported.

Educational Assistance: It is intended to meet the 50% of the expenses of the SMEs, and the 75% of the expenses SDSs for maximum 3 months with regard to the training activities to be conducted, which are in accordance with the standards to be determined by the IGEME, and regarding exclusively the foreign trade issues. Support may be requested for a total of 6 training programs, 3 for the domestic programs, and 3 for the overseas programs.

Contact Information for IGEME supports:
Address: Mithatpasa Cad. No: 60, 06420
Kızılay – ANKARA
Tel: (0312) 417 22 23
Fax: (0312) 417 22 33
E-mail: [email protected]

Supports of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade

Assistance with regard to the Support of the Environmental Costs: Only the costs of certification at a ratio of 50% can be supported in providing the documents of ISO 9000, ISO 14000, CE mark, and the other quality and environmental documents which are international, in order to increase the competitiveness of the SMEs in the international markets, and to ensure compliance with the technical regulations of environment, quality and human health. Expenditures
should be documented and the documents should be provided by the Turkish Standards Institute or by the accredited institutions.

Its Activities towards the Branding of the Turkish Products in Foreign Markets and the Establishment of the Image of the Products Made in Turkey.

The companies will apply directly to our Undersecretariat with a project including activities of branding. The Turquality Committee is authorized for opening Turquality stores and for the use of the phrase, Turquality from Turkey. Providing seven types of support is envisaged within the scope of the notification numbered 2003 / 3. Detailed information about the mentioned supports can be accessed via the web site of the  Undersecretariat of the Foreign Trade.

Contact Information for the supports of the Undersecretariat of the Foreign Trade
Address: Inonu Bulvarı, 06510 Emek– Ankara
Tel: (0312) 212 88 00
Fax: (0312) 212 88 81

The Unions of the Exporters 

It is required to apply to the Union of the Exporters to which the province  where the exporter is located is connected, in order to apply for the supports provided by the Unions of the Exporters.

Assistance in Opening Offices-Stores in the Foreign Markets, in their Operation, and in Brand Promotion: Supports are provided to the companies within the framework of the provisions below within the scope of the mentioned support.

• Providing Support to Opening Offices, Warehouses, and Stores in Foreign Markets for the Purposes of Making Sales under its Own Name and Brand in Foreign Markets,

• Providing Support to Opening Branches in Foreign Markets in order to Operate as a Broker for the Trade of Goods in Foreign Markets,

• Covering the Expenses of the Representation / Distributorship,

• The Assistance of the Domestic Trade Fairs, the Nature of which is International,

• It is defined as the support provided for the purposes of the international promotion of the domestic trade fairs, the Nature of which is International, and of increasing the participation at the international level. In this context, a certain ratio of the expenses with regard to the activities of promotion and incentive which are performed before and during the fair by the local organizers, which are in conformance with the criteria to be determined by the Undersecretariat of the Foreign Trade, is covered by the Support and the Price Stabilization Fund.

Support of the Participation in the Foreign Trade Fairs: 65% of the amount paid by the participant to the organizer assigned by the Undersecretariat to arrange the organization of the international fairs is reimbursed to the participant. The amount of the support cannot exceed 10,000 U.S. dollars, in case that the international fair is National Registration, the nature of which is general, or is the Turkish Export Products Fair, and cannot exceed 15,000 U.S. dollars, in case that the international fair is National Registration, the nature of which is sectoral, or is the Sectoral Turkish Export Products Fair. In case of individual participation in the international fairs, the nature of which are sectoral, and which are determined by the General Secretaries of the Unions of the Exporters, and which are deemed appropriate and announced by the Undersecretariat of the Foreign Trade, after obtaining the opinion of the Executive Committee of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly; For the international fairs, the nature of which are sectoral, 65% of the rent for the empty stands, and 50% of the expenditures of transportation, which do not exceed 15,000 U.S. dollars, are reimbursed; and in case that the participant participating in the international fairs, the nature of which are sectoral, owns a Sectoral Foreign Trade Company (SDS), all of the rentfor the empty stands, and 75% of the expenditures of transportation, which do not exceed 15,000 U.S. dollars, are reimbursed.


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